Future Growth


World demand for bioplastics is escalating. In packaging alone, the use of bioplastics is expected to increase more than 15% annually for the next two decades. Meredian’s current facility operates around the clock, using world-class research and development to meet bioplastic needs now and far into the future. Meredian has attained affirmative testing by a global industrial partner to certify its proprietary formulation and process is replicable at another facility. This opens the door to production of this patented product on a global scale. An added Meredian value is that green does not equal more expensive. Our highly efficient production systems allow for cost competitive bioplastics, which enables major brands to offer a green alternative for the same price—or less. Meredian benefits accumulate, economically and environmentally.

In early 2014, DaniMer Scientific, LLC merged with Meredian Inc. to form Meredian Holdings Group, Inc. This creates greater capacity for control and integration of all steps of the production and manufacture of this quality mcl-PHA product. In turn, this results in continued, dynamic promise for a constant source of biodegradable plastics for global brand partners. To further reduce costs and increase value and quality, the canola which provides the oil for the PHA production is grown by a local affiliation of farming partners in three surrounding states. The canola is crushed and processed for cold-press oil within the company division named AGROCrush, and overall the cost reduction and carbon footprint reduction gains compound the qualities and lower the price of the end product for its customers.

This vertical integration into the supply chain positions Meredian as the only biopolymer company in the world with the capability to control the process from seed, through planting and harvesting, crushing, refining, solution and fermentation, final proprietary extrusion into polymer pellets. Meredian has named this process "Agrofacturing™"— Growing replacements for plastics. Momentum continues to build, and Meredian, Inc. will be at the front of affordable, premium PHA product suppliers for the global demand for biodegradable plastics.