Dr. Paul Pereira

Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Paul Pereira is an entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for creating value in companies and starting new businesses. Paul is a visionary, turning dreams into reality and has a strong, strategic approach to pioneering new ideas whether it is in technology, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing or biotechnology. His global footprint, demographic expertise through operating in various, diverse regions such as the U.S., E.U., Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean and his successful experience operating in such a variety of industries, allows him to provide leadership and strong guidance for Meredian/DaniMer.

Paul emphasizes: We are sitting on a “Disruptive Innovation” that will change the way the world thinks about waste, waste management and biodegradability.

Paul has always been on the cutting edge of technology, invention and innovation. Meredian/Danimer is no different.

A proven visionary, Paul provides guidance and leadership in expanding Meredian/DaniMer into the global arena while working with Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and E.U. to complete their product cycle development for the utilization of Meredian PHA biopolymer as a total replacement for petroleum based plastics. In early 2014, Paul guided DaniMer Scientific, LLC in a merger with Meredian Inc. to form Meredian Holdings Group, Inc. This merger creates increased control and integration of all steps of the production and manufacture of this quality mcl-PHA product. In turn, this results in continued, dynamic promise for a constant source of biodegradable plastics for global brand partners.

“Innovations lie at the nexus of our competitive advantage, and we have a plethora of innovations captured through our patents. We continue to make significant strides both in our laboratories, our facility and in the industry as we successfully focus on biopolymer replacement for plastic and launch Fortune 500 company products into the market place.” -- Paul Pereira

Dr. Daniel T. Carraway
Dr. Daniel T. Carraway

CEO & Founder
Daniel Carraway, Founder and CEO of Meredian, Inc., has behind him fifteen years of creating value through new products and processes. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Forestry and an M.S. in Plant Science. He earned his Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the University of Georgia and attended Columbia University Graduate School of Business’s Core MBA Program in Marketing Management. Daniel is the inventor or co-inventor of over twenty patents and pending patents. He also possesses unique strengths in developing technology portfolios and business strategies for new products.

S. Blake Lindsey
S. Blake Lindsey

President & Founder
Blake Lindsey, Founder and President of Meredian, Inc., has three decades of sales, marketing, and production management experience. Blake has been successful in managing diverse and complicated global supply chains. In addition, he has expertise in new business development, sales management, supply chain optimization, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Blake has managed large groups in multiple locations supporting a wide range of internal and external requirements. His education includes undergraduate studies at the University of Arkansas, where he received a B.S. in Business Administration, and post-graduate education at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, and Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Dr. Isao Noda
Dr. Isao Noda

Senior Vice-President of Innovation
Dr. Noda joined Meredian in 2013, after a distinguished career extending over three decades at Procter & Gamble. Following his retirement from P&G, Dr. Noda accepted a position as an Adjunct Professor at The University of Delaware which he maintains.  Dr. Noda is recognized as one of the  world's leading authorities in the field of polymer science including the field of biopolymers known as polyhydroxyalkanoates. Dr. Noda pioneered development of a specific type of PHAs known as medium-chain-length polyhrdroxylalkanoates (mcl-PHA).  Meredian recently announced startup of the world’s largest production facility for mcl-PHAs, and the addition of Dr. Noda to the Meredian team will enable Meredian customers to benefit from the expertise of one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the world.

Dr. Noda was born in Tokyo, Japan.  He came to the United States in 1969 and was graduated from Columbia University in the City of New York in 1974 with B.S. degree in chemical engineering.  He also received his M.S. in bioengineering (1976), as well as M.Phil. (1978) and Ph.D. (1979) in chemical engineering from Columbia.  In 1997 he received D.Sc. degree in chemistry from the University of Tokyo.  Dr. Noda has been repeatedly recognized for his contributions and currently holds ninety (90) patents granted in the US and the EU, published over three hundred (300) articles, co-authored three (3) books and received a number of industry wide awards and recognition for his contributions to these fields of interest.

Michael Smith
Michael Smith

Vice-President of Manufacturing
Michael Smith, Meredian’s Vice-President of Manufacturing, has over twenty years of manufacturing experience, alongside continuous process-improvement expertise. Before coming to Meredian, Michael held high-level manufacturing positions within Ingersoll Rand, Amoco, and British Petroleum. His specialties include driving continuous-process improvements through the use of lean manufacturing techniques and Six Sigma tools. At the Georgia Institute of Technology Michael received a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He also trained at the University of Tennessee and the Juran Institute in Statistical Process Control and Six Sigma. In addition, Michael received training in Lean Manufacturing and Toyota Production System from Simpler Consulting. Michael's experience has been valuable in the visioning and actualization of the vertical integration of Meredian, Inc. and the development toward the "Agrofacturing™" concept. As a result of the planning and implementation, Meredian is the only biopolymer company in the world capable of controlling the process from seed, to planting and harvesting, crushing, refining, solution and fermentation, final proprietary extrusion into polymer pellets ready for the world market.

Phil Van Trump

Director of Process Development
Phil Van Trump, Director of Process Development for Meredian, spent twelve years in leadership of supply-chain and logistic businesses, where he was responsible for North American business unit operations, corporate education, business analysis, customer service and sales management serving as a vice-president prior to his work with Meredian. Additionally, he was responsible for the conversion of legacy enterprise software to a purpose-built system, managing operations and finance and re-engineering a freight-flow network that handles more than 100,000 transactions concurrently. His education includes undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida, where he received a B.S. in Molecular Biology and Microbiology, graduate coursework at the University of Central Florida and Georgia State University conducting research in Proteomics and Molecular Biology as well as continuing education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his current role he is responsible for Research and Development, Process Development and Regulatory Affairs. Most recently, Phil has been instrumental in the interface and testing with Tate & Lyle, which has culminated in full affirmation of scalability of the fermentation and production process to a worldwide market capacity.