PHA Diagram

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Plants Transformed to Plastics

Meredian’s customers use our PHA plastics to manufacture packaging sustainably—completely free of petroleum, historically used to manufacture plastics. The applications for use of Meredian PHA and the environmental impact are huge: food service implements and utensils, single-use cups and takeout containers, containers for liquid products such as bottles, personal care items, plastic film for goods packaging, and non-woven fabrics for personal care diapers and hygiene applications, to name just a few. Major consumer brand partners continue to create innovative, degradable containers and packaging from the Meredian PHA, thus building a solution to global plastic pollution.

Unlike petroleum plastics, PHAs are naturally occurring polymers produced by bacteria through the fermentation of plant derived oils, under specific nutrient conditions. Meredian’s products use locally grown canola oil and are not only functional, but are completely biodegradable in soil, water, or if discarded as litter. Today, the world uses 300 billion pounds of petroleum-based plastics. Meredian’s highly functional bioplastics can replace a significant portion of that environmental load— further reducing landfill burdens with multiple end-of-life options including recycling, back yard composting and anaerobic digestion. These Meredian PHA plastics originate by growing out of the earth and after the service lifespan, return to the earth within 48 days.

The Environmentally Responsible Alternative to Petroleum

Meredian PHA is produced via a patented fermentation process, using locally grown canola oil as our feedstock for naturally occurring bacteria. This sustainably produced canola is grown locally by a partnership of farmers, is non-GMO, and does not compete with food supply markets. The types of bacterial strains utilized in our fermentation production systems are not genetically modified; they occur naturally in the soil.

Our Meredian PHA materials have been certified by the leading laboratories in the world for both safe biodegradation and for use in food contact applications. Recently, Meredian's MCL-PHA was given FDA approval for food contact. Meredian PHA can also be combined with other bioplastics to create hybridized biopolymers with innovative and useful qualities, while retaining the biodegradability standards for compostability. Meredian’s scientific leadership includes a unique focus: customization for clients’ production systems. Meredian will build the PHA-based materials that meet your needs.